For Parents - Student Trip


The people behind the A Broader View School have a long history of successfully managing student groups. We also are parents ourselves.
As a parent, here is what you can expect from us:

Safety. The safety of our students is our number one priority. We build safety into every level of A Broader View School trip.
We begin with seasoned in-country directors who have a long record of safely handling students in their country. These directors personally select the communities we work with and screen host families. They are responsible for coordinating all logistics such as ground transportation and activities.
The final, and most important level of protection, is the community itself. We select communities that are small and closely knit, where neighbors take care of each other. Our host families take the safety of their students very seriously.

Learning. Your child will come away from A Broader View School trip with a unique and eye-opening experience.
He or she will develop a meaningful connection with a culture very different from her own.
She or he will understand a global problem like climate change and witness its impacts with he or her own eyes.
He or She will work alongside inspiring locals and, in the process, view him or herself as a leader. She or he will ask the questions: “What is my leadership style? What do I stand for?”

Fun and Adventure. All learning at A Broader View School is experiential, hands-on and fun. We also take every opportunity to explore the country around us by rafting, hiking, camping and engaging in other safe adventure activities. We want to get kids out of the classroom and allow them to learn in new ways.