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The globe will face huge and exciting challenges during your lifetime. Global problems such as climate change, species extinction and poverty are problems that must and can be reversed over the next few decades. The responsibility for finding solutions for many of these problems will fall on your generation. The pace of change – both for the problems and the solutions – is rapid. World population is exploding and will peak by 2050. There are new technologies, such as the internet, which create powerful opportunities for education and collaboration. The global economy is an increasingly powerful force that overrides even the most powerful nations. The world has become a smaller place and is shrinking every day.

These are incredibly exciting times. We want to help you understand the world and its problems. Our goal is to give you the confidence and the tools to be a leader and create change in the world.

Our Commitment. We will help you understand a global issue like Conservation or global poverty by breaking it into simple terms and taking you to global communities where you can see its effects firsthand.
In these communities you will meet locals who are making progress against these issues. You will be able to work alongside them and help create positive change.

Adventure. Outdoor adventures and cultural explorations are an important component of every A Broader View School trip. Options include trekking in the Andean highlands of Peru, snorkeling in Honduras or Safari in Tanzania. Through these experiences you will develop confidence, form a strong working relationship with other group members and travel off the beaten path.

You will also explore the culture and history around you. This also includes visiting mind-blowing places like Elqui Valley-Chile, the lost city of Machu Picchu-Peru and the incredible archeological sites in La Ceiba-Honduras.

Safety. The safety of our students is our number one priority. We build safety into every level of A Broader View School trip.
We begin with seasoned in-country directors who have a long record of safely handling students in their country. These directors personally select the communities we work with and screen host families. They are responsible for coordinating all logistics such as ground transportation and activities.

The final, and most important level of protection, is the community itself. We select communities that are small and closely knit, where neighbors take care of each other. Our host families take the safety of their students very seriously, we also can offer hostels or hotels as accommodations