What we do - Student Trip


The mission of the A Broader View is to unite young people around the world’s most pressing problems and empower them to become leaders.

We believe that global problems such as climate change and poverty demand new and powerful forms of leadership. We believe great leadership can be taught. We also believe that extraordinary experiences can inspire young people to become driven and visionary leaders.

We work with schools and universities to create service land leadership programs with communities in Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal and India.

Our partner communities are making progress against global problems thanks to strong local leadership. Our 10-28 day trips allow students to experience these inspiring communities and learn about global issues by working to solve them.

Our goal is that each student begins the process of developing his or her own leadership style and vision. Students learn leadership by studying themselves and the local leaders around them.

Along the way, students embark on outdoor adventures such as trekking or rafting, immerse themselves in a foreign culture, and experience themselves and their world in a whole new way.

A Broader View Leaders School programs are tailored to the requirements of each school but include the following core elements:

Global Issues Each program focuses on a single global issue such as poor children, public health or conservation. Discussion sessions help students overcome the “barrier of complexity” in order to develop confidence and understand an issue.

Service Learning Students do volunteer work related to the global issue. This work provides hands-on learning and allows students to progress from understanding to action.


We work closely with each school to design an itinerary and trip curriculum that conforms to the school’s needs and objectives.

We require that at least one faculty member participates in the trip alongside the students (one each 10 students). We want educators as involved as possible in each trip in order to impact the larger school community and ensure that learning continues after the trip ends.

There is one free teacher for every group of ten paying students. Other teacher and school incentives are available upon request.

The faculty will meet online the A Broader View instructor several months before the trip to begin the curriculum planning process.

Program fees vary according to country, itinerary and group size. As a general rule of thumb, a 10-day trip ranges from $1,400 - $1,900 per student, excluding airfare. A 21-day trip ranges from $2,500 - $2,900 per student, excluding airfare.

Our services include:

  • Custom-designed itinerary and curriculum
  • Custom designed T-shirts
  • Three meals per day
  • In-country transport
  • Full choice of accommodations
  • Adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, sea kayaking, snorkeling, wildlife viewing and hiking
  • Dedicated A Broader View Coordinator
  • Spanish Immersion (Latin-American countries only)
  • Global issues presentations
  • Tours Included (if requested)
  • 24-hour support from in-country director
  • Academic credit opportunities and Presidential Award for each Student and Teacher if they volunteer over

Our services do not include:


Airport departure tax

Spending money for souvenirs, snacks, soft drinks, toiletries, medications, internet, phone calls and other personal items.
Donation for community project. We ask that each student and teacher raise between $100 and $250, which will be donated directly to the project they are working on. We believe that students and teachers feel a greater investment in a project when they have worked to raise money for it. A Broader View helps schools develop innovative fundraising ideas.

Language Immersion Living and working in a French - or Spanish - speaking community is a powerful way to learn a language. Language classes are not part of every trip but can be integrated into a trip curriculum upon request.